A Homebuyer Report is an inspection of the building fabric similar to a full Building Survey but less comprehensive (and therefore at a lower cost). The inspection comprises of a general surface examination of those parts of the property which are accessible, i.e. visible and readily available for examination from ground and floor levels, without risk of causing damage to the property or injury to the Surveyor. 

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Inspection also includes the boundaries of the property (where these are not too extensive), immediate pavings, outbuildings and additional structures within the boundary. The services are inspected, but the Surveyor does not test the efficiency of plumbing, electrical, gas, heating or drainage installations or compliance with current regulations unless these are covered as an additional service. 

The end report provides the Surveyor's opinion of urgent or significant matters that may need action or further evaluation by the client before contracts are exchanged.

Homebuyer Reports are usually suitable for properties of standard construction and those which have Andrew McCollnot been substantially altered. Generally, buildings constructed over 100 years ago are unsuitable for Homebuyer Reports, although this may depend upon a particular property's circumstances. We are more than happy to discuss the relevant type of survey with clients to determine whether a Homebuyer Report or full Building Survey would be more appropriate. 

Occasionally, specific reports are required on particular areas of a property for which Am Surveys can provide a specially tailored report.