The Building Survey (also known as a Structural Survey) is the most detailed survey AMSurveys offers for (unlisted properties) and is a comprehensive inspection of a property reported in a style to suit both the property and your specific requirements. It is particularly suited to older buildings, those of unusual construction, or if it has previously been altered or extended. The Building Survey is also the best choice when you know there are significant defects that need attention or when you are planning to renovate the property.  

Andrew McColl

A Building Survey covers all accessible parts of the property. From a comprehensive visual inspection of the external and internal elements of the building fabric and structure, we can determine the construction and condition of the elements of the property. The report will describe the construction and condition of the building fabric, the extent and type of remedial repair required or the extent of further investigation or other advice required, and potential future maintenance issues. 

Building Surveys do not usually involve valuations, but these can be provided additionally if required.