Our main areas of operation are Essex, Hertfordshire and London

Andrew McCollSurveys in other areas of the South East may be subject to additional cost due to travelling.  

Any area in England or Wales can be covered through our network of RPSA members.

Postcodes of Specific Areas Covered

  • AL1 to AL9
  • BR1 to BR8
  • CB1 to CB25
  • CM1 to CM25
  • CO1 to CO10
  • DA1 to DA18
  • E1 to E18
  • EC1 to EC4
  • EN 1 to EN11
  • IG1 to IG11
  • ME1 to ME20
  • N1 to N22
  • NW1 to NW11
  • RM1 to RM20
  • SE1 to SE28
  • SS1  to SS17
  • SW1 to SW20
  • W1 to W14